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Amazon belongs only to Brazil - Bolzonaro

“Amazon is not the world's eye. It belongs to Brazil. The media and leaders of other countries should not worry about it. We can take care of the Amazon.” Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made the controversial statement at the 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA, recently.

This is not the first time Bolsonaro has made such a statement, as the world's major culprit for the Amazon Fire. Just a few weeks ago, when the Amazon fire was raging, "the Amazon belongs to Brazil. It is a Brazilian heritage. It should work for the benefit of Brazil." He has stated that

The Brazilian president has been accused of burning Amazon in many countries in Europe and has been accused by various media around the world. But he flatly denies all these allegations.

Allegations of Amazon Burning and Bolsonaro

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Environmentalists have been blaming the Brazilian government for years on the fate of the Amazon. They say the timber dealers and planters are cutting down the trees and destroying the Amazon rainforest.

A few years ago, Brazilian President Jair Bolzාරnaro authorized several companies to arbitrarily cut down trees and burn forests in order to boost the national economy. Because of this, many heads of state use the term "mechanical machine saw pilot" and "Nero that burns the Amazon." However, the Brazilian president sees the criticism in this regard as an allegation against him, on a personal level and against the government.

French President Emmanuel Macron says the Amazon forest fire is an international crisis. The French president has stated that this should be a particular focus of the G7 summit. In response, Brazilian President Jere Bolznaro declared that the French president was using the issue for political gain.

Especially during the G7 summit, French President Emmanuel Macron is accused of the most blame for President Javier Bolsonaro.

Reject foreign aid in G7 countries

French President Emmanuel Macron (
The 2019 G7 Summit was held in France at the time of the fire and the Brazilian government has agreed to provide the US $ 22.2 million in support of the fire. President Bolzonaro, however, has repeatedly refused to receive the grant. He attributes the involvement of the leaders of the state to the work of the government through the funds provided to extinguish the fire.

In addition, Bolzonaro says the French president has personally insulted him and should apologize publicly. International media reports say that for some time, a rivalry between the two was also a major reason for their refusal to accept the grant. Bolzonaro continues to say that he thinks of his country as a French colony and that it is not.

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However, the President later decides to seek foreign aid after certain conditions are presented. Its main condition is the refusal of those countries to intervene in the fire. Accordingly, he accepts $ 22.2 million a few days later. It is reported that Bolzonaro accepted the grant after the Brazilian governor pointed out to the president that foreign aid was essential to control the fire as it continued to spread.

Answers to the French President

Environmentalists against Bolzanaro (
French President Emmanuel Macron is calling himself a strong environmental activist in France, issuing several Twitter messages: "The world is on fire." In response, Bolzano states that the French president is portraying a pseudo-environmentalist.

In addition, Bolzonaro has expressed his displeasure to the media about the Amazon fire and to NGOs operating in Brazil at the General Assembly.