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Jerry Brudos, who was murdered for collecting women's shoes

Some of the murderers who have come to grips with history have come to know about it for various reasons. Some have been born with the condition, and others have been killed for life reasons. Some people become chain killers because of various distortions or unusual desires. American chain murderer Jerry Boudos had such a strange passion.

 Bad life experiences 

In 1939, Jerry Brudos, a native of North Dakota, USA, had not had such a happy childhood. However, when he was five years old, something that had fallen into the dump brought him excitement. It's a women's high heel. He was so fond of the float he accidentally found it, brought it home, washed it, and kept it as a souvenir. That incident caused him to gradually infect women's footwear. As he grew older, he developed an uncontrollable desire to put on women's footwear.


When Jerry was in his womb, his mother expected a baby girl. She had already had one boy. She was unhappy that Jerry was a boy, and she began to openly express herself to Jerry. In short, she began to constantly scold him and attack him and ignored him. As a result, Jerry's hatred of women began to grow. This hatred and the desire for women's footwear combined with their hatred eventually ended up giving the world another chain killer.

Jerry used to steal the shoes of his teachers and neighbors who were little. As a teenager, Jerry realized that stealing shoes alone would not satisfy him. Thus, when he was 17, he was assaulted by a woman for the first time. He abducted the woman, threatened to assault her and took her nude photos after she was forced to pose in different postures. Jerry then releases her, forcibly satisfied with his sexual desire. She notifies the police immediately and as a result, he is arrested by the police. He was referred to a psychiatrist by the authorities who were concerned about his mental condition. Here he discovers that he is suffering from mental illness and that it is his mother. He is advised to stay away from his mother, and he begins living alone. He ends up becoming a mechanical and electrical engineer.


Gerry Boudos married a 17-year-old girl when he was 22 years old. The new couple moved to Portland. Although everything seemed to be going well, it wasn't long before Jerry Brudos' passion for women's footwear and his hatred of women subsided.

Jerry often told his bride to be naked, give her a pair of high-heeled shoes, and wear only that, and clean the house. He also took photos while carrying out the work. He bore her two children. However, during this time he also harassed various women.

In 1967, Jerry assaults another woman. The reason for this was the sight of a pair of beautiful women's high heels on her door. When she goes to sleep at night, Jerry breaks into the house and locks her in the neck until she is unconscious.

 The killer is Jerry Brudos 

Some of Jerry Brudos' victims-

In 1968, Jerry Boudos committed his first murder. His victim was a woman named Linda Season, who was involved in the book trade. He sexually assaulted her, beat her up, and strangled her before she stole a pair of shoes. Because of this, she died.

Jerry used the garage of his home to keep his 'souvenir' shoes. So he banned his wife from going there. He usually brings only his victims' shoes, but this time, he took a step back and cut off the foot of Slawson, and wore one of his shoes. It was then tied to an old car engine and released into a river.

In the autumn of the same year, Jerry murdered another woman and cut her breast. The body was taken to the garage and then sexually assaulted. When it was hated, it too suffered the same fate at Sloss's feet. Two more women met the same fate before the end of the year.

Capture and release the police

In May 1969, a fisherman was found floating in a river near Portland. Two days later, the police found another body. Both bodies had been severely deformed, with car parts tied to the bottom of the river. Both bodies were women's bodies. The police started researching the bodies and soon the identity of one of the bodies was discovered.

The owner of one of the bodies found was a roommate in the area, and her roommates received an important clue. The victim had received repeated calls from a man who had been trying to establish a romantic relationship with her. A few days after her disappearance, he was making phone calls to all the eight girls in the room.

Authorities began investigating the incident by using another young woman in the room to trap the murderer. This worked out, and Jerry found the young girl and entered the room. He was taken into police custody.

Jerry Brudos trapped by police - Youtube

Despite being seized by the police, they had no evidence against Jerry. So they had to release him. However, a woman came forward and told Jerry that Jerry had tried to harass her and that he had managed to escape. The police were able to obtain a permit to inspect Jerry's home.


The police found a lot of important evidence in Jerry's garage. There were nylon ropes, photos of the deceased girl, and especially women's high heels. There were also parts of the breasts of the last two girls he had killed.

Once again, Jerry Brudos was arrested. The trial against him soon began and he was convicted of a number of murders and sentenced to life imprisonment. He spent 37 years in prison and died in 2006.

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