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Top 10 Mysteries Still unsolved - 2019

2019 has flown by during a blur. in only a bit over a month, we’ll be celebrating Christmas once more so the beginning of one more twelvemonth. As time speeds on, mysteries gather round the world. a number of them can eventually be resolved, however, others area unit doomed to stay forever unexplained and speculated over.

10. The murder of Aarushi Talwar

On sixteen could 2008, the body of 13-year recent Aarushi Talwar was discovered at her point Noida, India. Her throat had been slit. once police couldn’t notice the family’s live-in domestic employee, 45-year recent Hemraj Banjade, he became the main suspect. That was till seventeen could, once Banjade’s body was discovered on a terrace at the house. Next up to be thought-about suspects were Aarushi’s folks. it absolutely was thought that her father, Rajesh, could have happened upon his female offspring associate degreed Banjade in an unsavory position and killed them. 

Another theory was that Rajesh had been concerned in associate degree affairs and had been confronted by his female offspring and blackmailed by Banjade and him, therefore, set to induce eliminate them each. The case was eventually given over to the CBI, the UN agency didn't notice any proof that Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were accountable for the murders. The CBI conjointly investigated 2 different domestic servants and a private assistant, 

however, nothing came of this. when the case was handed over to one more team, Aarushi’s folks were condemned and handed life terms in Gregorian calendar month 2013. In 2017, they were not guilty when they challenged the choice. to the present day, there have been no different leads within the double Noida murder. The killer remains free, and it appears unlikely that the case is going to be resolved any time shortly.

09. Smiley face murders


Over an amount of quite twenty years, around 350 young men sunken in lakes and different bodies of water in western Yankee states. It became famed those cops had come upon graffiti within the kind of emoticon faces close to a minimum of twelve locations wherever drownings occurred. many individuals as well as NY detectives, Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, believe these drownings to be murders committed by either alone manslayer or a gaggle of serial killers. 

Their theory is that the boys were presumably narcotized when being kidnapped so dead before being disposed of by merchandising them in lakes and rivers. The detectives conjointly believe that serial killers embody each man and girl. Victims embody 21-year recent Brian Welzien UN agency disappeared on New Year’s Day in 2000. His smoldering remains were found eight weeks later during a lake in Indiana. In 2009, 

24-year recent William Hurley was missing for six days before being found dead and floating during a stream in the state capital. one in all the emoticon faces were noticed close to the stream. whereas the FBI isn't convinced and says that the drownings area unit presumably alcohol-related, personal investigations continue. A documentary on the drownings saw the sunshine in early 2019. whether or not the detectives can ever notice serial killers lurking within the outer boundary and convey them to book, remains to be seen.

08. Jennifer Beard murder

Two days when New Year’s celebrations in 1970, a few traveling past the Haast stream in New Zealand set to prevent at the Haast stream bridge to permit their young female offspring to use the toilet. once the 8-year recent came to the automobile, she told her folks she saw an unadorned woman. Dismissing it as active imagination, they told their female offspring to induce back within the automobile and that they continued their journey. 

On the nineteenth of the Gregorian calendar month, police discovered the “naked lady” beneath the bridge. She was dead; having been raped and suppressed. it absolutely was believed that 25-year recent Jennifer Beard, as she was later known, had been ambushed whereas victimization the near lavatory. She had been rumored missing by her groom-to-be many days earlier. throughout the investigating, witnesses claimed to possess seen the girl during a blue-green Vauxhall driven by an adult male. A trucker fitting the outline and driving a similar model automobile was questioned however ne'er charged. 

A try of trousers was found some meters removed from the crime scene and was sent away for analysis. sadly, the authorities forgot regarding the pants for many months. after they were examined afterward, a receipt bearing the name of the trucker was discovered in one in all the pockets. Still, the Crown refused to put charges, citing meagerly proof. The trucker ne'er strayed from pleading innocent relating to the murder, right up till his death in 2003. In 2008, police were investigating new leads, however, nothing came of that either. To date, the murder of Jennifer Beard remains formally unsolved.

07. Death of Ashley Turner

Airman 1st-class mail Ashley Turner was stationed at military service base Keflavik in Iceland in 2005 once she was brutally dead close to her dormitory room. Her folks learned through associate degree Iceland paper announce on the net that their female offspring had been dead when military investigators merely expressed that Ashley had died of trauma to the pinnacle and neck.20-year recent Ashley had been injured within the head and neck, 

however, this perceived to be the sole simple info regarding her murder. there have been many incorrect death certificates issued, no forthcoming help on death edges and an absence of important info from the military. Eventually, it absolutely was discovered that Ashley was to testify against a person suspect of stealing from her. She was forced to measure within the same dormitory as this man. aviator Calvin Eugene Hill was charged with Ashley’s murder however not guilty in 2007. He did, however, plead guilty to stealing from her and was to face a penalty for it. This, however, implies that Ashley’s killer remains to roam free somewhere out there.

06. Ryan Singleton disappearance

24-year recent model, Ryan Singleton, left Las Vegas and headed back home to la when a well-deserved vacation in July 2013. His automobile skint down within the Mohave Desert and a route Patrol officer offered to require Ryan to area in Baker. once Ryan needs to the remainder stop, he phoned one in all his friends and asked if he may return to select him up. The friend didn't delay in driving to Baker, however, once he arrived, Ryan was obscurity to be found. Nearly three months later, Ryan’s body was discovered by 2 joggers 2 miles from wherever he was last seen at the remainder stop. His eyes and internal organs were missing. associate degree autopsy couldn't confirm the precise reason behind death because of the advanced state of decomposition of the remains. 

Authorities believed the missing organs were because of scavenging animals within the space, however, Ryan’s family believed otherwise. His mother insisted that her son had been the victim of “illegal organ trafficking.”By Gregorian calendar month 2018, the case was still being investigated by police. belief has it that Ryan had been dead, notwithstanding whether or not animals were guilty of the dearth of internal organs or not. sadly, it appears the case has stalled with no new info forthcoming. precisely what happened to Ryan, remains unknown.

05. The Wickenburg Massacre

On five November 1871, seven passengers boarded a four-in-hand in Wickenburg and headed for California. solely two of them would survive the journey. solely associate degree hour when the four-in-hand goes off, it absolutely was attacked, and five passengers and also the driver was dead. one in all the survivors, William Kruger, expressed that a ‘band of Indians’ had attacked the four-in-hand. the opposite survivor, live-bearer Sheppard, believed that ‘Mexican bandits’ were guilty of the killings. This crystal rectifier to General George Crook causing an official to analyze the claims. 

The conclusion was that raiders at Date Creek were guilty. This, in turn, crystal rectifier to an effort on Crook’s life, to that his cavalry responded by killing around forty Indians. Crook conjointly forced several Yavapais and Tonto Apaches residents to relocate to San Salim Apache Reservation. the $64000 culprits were ne'er found, and plenty of theories saw the sunshine because the years glided by. Some believed white criminals dressed up as Indians and attacked the four-in-hand. Others were used to think the 2 survivors with suspicion: they'll simply have robbed the four-in-hand themselves and killed the opposite passengers to create it appear like Indians were accountable. The mystery remains.

04. Little Girl Blue

8-year recent Helen Bailey idolized enjoying outside and left her Birmingham home to try and do simply that on ten August 1975. Her mother became involved once her female offspring didn't come at a mere time and contacted the police. the subsequent morning, Helen’s body was found in the dense ground within the Booth Farm space. There was a move her throat that was deemed the reason behind death. Initially, Helen’s (nicknamed girl Blue thanks to the blue vesture she was carrying once found) death wasn't treated as suspicious, with the medical specialist stating that there have been no signs of a struggle in which the small girl’s death lacked bound hallmarks of associate degree attack. Therefore, he expressed that her death was accidental. In 2014, another medical specialist reviewed the case and located that Helen had been suppressed before the move her throat occurred. it absolutely was later discovered that somebody ‘confessed’ to the killing in 1979 however was ne'er prosecuted. In July 2019, investigator Louise Hunt was aiming to approach the cycle to raise whether or not they would rethink prosecuting a suspect inactive associate degreed condemned on an unrelated charge, as he was the sole existing suspect. However, to date, Helen Bailey’s murder remains unsolved.

03. Dorothy Scott disappearance

On twenty-seven could 1980, 32-year recent Dorothy Jane Scott attended an organization meeting when dropping her son off at her parents’ house. There was nothing uncommon regarding the meeting, aside from a colleague suddenly protesting of severe pain. Dorothy offered to require the colleague, writer state capital, to the ER. Another colleague, Pam Head, attended them. Doctors established that the writer had been bitten by a spider and was given immediate treatment. He was discharged at eleven pm, and Dorothy left the hospital to bring her automobile to the doorway. Pam saw the automobile leave the hospital automobile parking space, however, Dorothy didn’t come to the hospital. 2 hours later, Pam notified the hospital security that Dorothy was missing, and referred to as Dorothy’s folks. 

within the weeks and months that followed, police were aware that Dorothy had been pedunculate by associate degree unknown male before her disappearance. Dorothy told a colleague that the person had referred to as her many times and mentioned events he couldn't have famed regarding unless he has witnessed them. when Dorothy was nonexistent, the person continued to line her house once her mother was there alone. once she answered the phone, the stalker would either elicit Dorothy or joyfully claim that he killed her. once Scott’s father picked up the phone in 1984, the calls ceased. In August 1984, Dorothy’s remains were found buried beneath a dog in urban center Hills on the Santa Ana ravine Road. when the invention, the stalker referred to as double a lot of requesting Dorothy. To date, Dorothy’s stalker/killer has ne'er been found.

02. The strange death of Kuang Zhijun

In Gregorian calendar month 2009, Kuang Jilu was dismayed to the core once he discovered the body of his 13-year recent son Kuang Zhijun hanging from a wood beam in their family point Shuangxing. The boy’s hands and feet were tied with twelve knots every and there was a weight suspended between his feet. Upon nearer examination, a little puncture might be seen on his forehead. Kuang was carrying a red dress over a black feminine bathing suit. Initial reactions to the strange crime scene enclosed claims that the young boy’s death had been a part of a Chinese occult ritual. He died at the age of thirteen years and thirteen days that indicated a link to Taoist black art, per theory. There was even wild speculation that the kid had been killed by a cult of types, to resurrect him as a ghost. it absolutely was believed that this was to be achieved by the utilization of the 5 parts, metal (weight), water (swimming costume), wood (wooden beam), hearth (red color of the dress) and earth (the dirt below the beam). The puncture would enable the soul to go away the body, whereas the load unbroken the body tied to the planet. The red dress delineated the binding of the boy’s soul to his liquidator. Police would have none of this, however, final at intervals one month of investigation that Kuang had died whereas enjoying a game. They refused to open the investigation. actuality circumstances encompassing Kuang Jilu’s death stay unknown.

01. Kanika Powell’s murder

After 28-year recent Kanika Powell finished her tour of service, she began a career operating as a security contractor at Johns Hopkins University within the Applied research laboratory. when 2 years, her job became permanent and far a lot of concerned. She worked on comes about National Security and also the Department of Homeland Security. because of the sensitive nature of her daily tasks, Kanika was terribly alert. So, once a person pretense to be an associate degree government agent tried to realize entry to her home, Kanika resisted and referred to as the police. She conjointly let her idolized ones recognize what had happened. Another man showed up at her door a mere four days later, claiming that she required to sign for the delivery. Kanika refused to let him in and referred to as her mother later to debate the incident. a similar day she left her flat to run errands, inward back simply before noon. somebody was concealing within the hall and as Kanika approached her flat, the person shot her many times. Kanika died of her injuries the subsequent day.3 months later three1-year recent Sean inexperienced was ambushed whereas waiting at a red lightweight. He was shot ninefold. Sean worked at a National Security contractor and was dead twenty-five miles from wherever Kanika lived. each murder stay unsolved 


  1. #10 The prosecution case against the parents was built upon circumstantial evidence. They were acquitted by the high court not because they were innocent but because the prosecution couldn't complete the chain of circumstances against them and they were acquitted due to benefit of doubt.
    Every incriminating facts brought on record, pointed toward the culpability of parents in the commission of crime but they were not enough to establish that the murder could have been committed by them alone in all human probability and to negate the possibility of its commission by any other.

    1. The parents did it. The investigation was pretty botched up to be honest but I've seen far worse investigation leading to convictions.

    2. I'm with you on the parents appearing to be most likely responsible (all evidence circumstantial though it may be), but I would think that killing their own daughter merely to eliminate her as a witness seems unlikely. The accompanying citation article (not sure if you read it or not) has a lot more details, and the speculative explanation is that the father accidentally killed her during the immediate confrontation upon finding the two in the compromising position. And then slit her throat afterwards in attempt to portray the scene differently. The speculative "honor killing" scenario seems to have been dropped in favor of this scenario.

      A particular loose end not explained or fleshed out well in that accompanying article though is the "bloodstained knife" found at the home of one of their assistants. Just that they let that guy go because the investigators "used excessive interrogation techniques". Was it the murder weapon i.e. a blood match to the victims?

    3. Mags, are you aware that WTP is a Government Prosecutor?

    4. Really? Interesting, I don't recall having seen him mention that before. Brings additional insight and credibility to his comments there on it. Not that I thought they were lacking to begin with, but very cool nonetheless.

  2. The smiley face one seems incredibly far fetched. I've seen smiley faces at tons of random spots, including lakes and beaches. It's a pretty simple and common graffiti, done by all ages. Doubt there is anything to that. However, I would also not be shocked if it ends up having people try to emulate it with actual murders in a copycat situation.

  3. The smiley face one seems incredibly far fetched. I've seen smiley faces at tons of random spots, including lakes and beaches. It's a pretty simple and common graffiti, done by all ages. Doubt there is anything to that. However, I would also not be shocked if it ends up having people try to emulate it with actual murders in a copycat situation.

  4. #2 'The pinhole would allow the soul to leave the body, while the weight kept the body tied to the earth. Police would have none of this however, concluding within one month of investigation that Kuang had died while playing a game.' What game could it possibly have been? An insane cross between pin the tail on the donkey and piñata, with the unfortunate Kuang as the donkey/piñata? The police don't sound too bothered.