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08 amazing baby abilities

The arrival of a newborn can bring great excitement to the lives of parents. They can be both enjoyable and dangerous, but there are also amazing things that babies can do, which is fun for many people.

08 amazing baby abilities

Many babies can do the following wonderful things:

1. They Can Hear It All!

They Can Hear It All!

Babies hear very well: they receive about 20 000 vibrations per minute, and adults receive about 14,000. Beginning in the 24th week of pregnancy, embryonic sounds begin to respond. To the voices of others

2. Mother tongue and foreign languages.

Mother tongue and foreign languages.

Imitation plays an important role in the identification of mother tongues and foreign languages. An investigation was conducted in the United States, where some babies showed a videotape in English with no sound.

Another video was later recorded in French and shown to them without sound. Because of their familiarity with English video, infants were more interested in French video than in their native language. Unfortunately, this ability is lost after the age of 6 years.

3. Squeezing the hands.

Squeezing the hands.

Studies have shown that infants experiencing sign language also try to communicate with their hands. Slow and unsteady in the beginning - they struggle with hands!

4. I'm looking at you, Mom

I'm looking at you, Mom

Long before children speak, they understand what others are saying. By observing the imitation of those around children, they understand what they say faster than they speak. So Mommy be careful when you say something!

5. The older they get, the better? That's what we think.

The older they get, the better? That's what we think.

Researchers have found that as we go through life, some of our abilities are lost, especially learning. This ability is most effective at age 6. So the idea that they are young and they may or may not know is just illusory.

6. I'm like you, Dad

I'm like you, Dad

In the first days of life, the new generation looks like a father. This is a joke in nature Long before the discovery of genetic tests, it was decided that all the fathers in the world could identify their babies and take care of them and their mothers.

7. Little Einstein.

Little Einstein.

Mary has 21 candy and she gets 19 more. Tommy has 51. Who has more candy? Who really knows the answer to how they add up. Some children, who do not know how to collect tests, can give the correct answer. They have great intelligence!

8. What are you looking at?

What are you looking at

Adults look the same, but human faces are hard to distinguish. However, when we have to distinguish between two similar images of monkeys, we find it difficult to do so. But you know that kids have that ability. Testing has proven that they have this ability, but over time they lose it.

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