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Top 10 Internet Memes and Phenomena

Since the evolution of the web, bound fads have launched and become therefore acknowledge that they're currently thought to be net Memes. In fact, some folks can even tell you that you simply square measure a real subject of the web if you don’t recognize their most favorite culture. this is often a listing of what I bear in mind to be the highest ten. 

Before beginning, this is often a quick definition of a web culture: a web meme could be a piece of digital content that spreads apace, widely, and organically from person to person on the web. The term could be a respect to the memes as a virus-like self-replicating packet of data.



A lolcat (the term could be a portmanteau of lol – happy aloud, associate degreed cat) is a picture of a cat with an amusing or odd caption. The captions tend to be fairly childlike and frequently use text-message like or unhealthy orthography. For example: “Call the office. I am gonna be late”. The caption sometimes ties into the image in a way, as you'll see from the instance higher than.

This culture is therefore common that it's spawned an entire network of internet sites – the foremost common of that is “I will have a cheeseburger?” Lolcats currently seem often in social networking sites and forums.

Visit I can have a cheeseburger?

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9All Your Base


All your base could be a development that started in 2001, with the unfolding of a flash animation taken from the primary moments of a Japanese computer game from 1989 referred to as Zero Wing by Toaplan. the recognition of this video comes principally from the “Engrish” (ie, Japaneseifcation of English) captions contained within the clip. For example: “All your base square measure belong to us” as hostile “All your bases belong to us”.

While its quality has waned a touch recently, it's still acknowledged enough that new videos seem on youtube from time to time that plays on the culture.



First, the image higher than isn't goatse – it's too frightful to incorporate on this page (though there's a link below for your viewing pleasure… erm..) This rather frightful image became terribly renowned once it unfolds like inferno through net forums as trolls would paste a link to that whereas dissembling the link causes one thing of interest to the users of the forum. It became such a retardant that Slashdot had to change their code to point out wherever links in article comments were informed, to prevent folks from being caught out.

It has enjoyed recent infamy because it has managed to be shown on CNN (by mistake) and therefore the BBC (albeit in an exceeding cartoon form) forums and broadcast. it had been originally found on a web site referred to as (which was a play on the word goats). It contains a picture of a person showing his hit in an exceedingly rather disgusting manner.



Kikia was the primary example of a flash shock web site and it unleashed a torrent of shockers that continues to the current day. beginning out with a cartoon drawing of a touch boy, Chinese writing, and delicate music, the cartoon moves on slowly till you're suddenly shown a hideous animation of a face with a loud scream.

The original kikia was announced on a Taiwanese web site Kimo, beneath the username Netspooky. several common pictures to look in these screamers square measure taken from the film The Exorcist.

6Dancing Baby


The diversion baby (also called baby cha-cha) was one among the primary net memes, originating in 1996. It contains a 3d animation baby and was originally created as a demo for 3d Studio Georgia homeboy. The baby dances to music and appeared often on the tv program Ally McBeal – figuration the most character ticking mechanism.

View the original dancing baby

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Orly Owl

ORLY stands for OH extremely and frequently options a snowy bird of prey with the caption “O RLY?” – usually|this can be} often followed by a YA RLY response. It will often cause an entire oral communication mistreatment net slang. it had been 1st seen as early as August 2003 on the one thing Awful forums. the initial image was taken by John White and announce to in 2001.

It became therefore common that it even seems in an exceedingly Gameboy advance game. The caption itself is currently usually found on any photograph, not simply images of owls.

View a gallery of O RLYs

4The Hamster Dance

Hampster Dance

The gnawing animal Dance is one among the earliest net memes, 1st showing on Geocities (in its heyday) that includes rows of animated hamsters and rabbits diversion in numerous ways that to a sped-up sample from the song “Whistle Stop” by Roger Miller.

It was designed in 1998 by Canadian student Deidre LaCarte as a part of a contest together with her brother to ascertain World Health Organization may generate the foremost traffic. it's associate degree deference to her pet gnawing animal jazz musician gnawing animal. Frankly, I feel it's rather sinister.

3Loituma Girl


Loituma is one of the foremost recent Memes to look on the web – 1st showing in 2006. The name itself comes from the initial band that Panax quinquefolius the song common within the flash clip. The band Loituma could be a Finnish quartet utilizing ancient singing and instrumental designs from Finnland. In 1997 they chose Ensemble of the Year at the Kaustinen folk pageant.

The first instance of this development on-line was a cartoon primarily based shockwave flash animation that includes that consists of a 4-frame animation of the Bleach anime character Orihime Inoue twirling a leek to a 27-second loop from the song. The animation loops incessantly. Since then several alternative examples have to return up wherever the image is replaced with one thing else – however, the song is usually identical.


In Soviet Folded Marge Red Folded

A snowclone could be a form of formula-based platitude that uses associate degree previous idiom in an exceedingly new context. it had been originally outlined as “a multi-use, customizable, instantly recognizable, time-worn, quoted or misquoted phrase or sentence that may be utilized in a completely open array of various jokey variants by lazy journalists and writers.

Probably the foremost acknowledge (and overused) snowclone is “In Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Y Xs you” – this was originally coined by comedian Yakov Smirnoff, a gagman in Russia once he said: “In Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic party finds you”.

Visit the snowclones database

1The star wars kid

The starwards child is a web development that started once a video clip recorded by Ghyslain Raza, a fourteen-year-old French Canadian male highschool student, was leaked online. The video was recorded at the studio of his high school, and therefore the tape was left forgotten in an exceeding basement. the initial owner of the videotape discovered his recorded acts and instantly shared it with some friends. Thinking that it might be a funny prank, they encoded it to a WMV file and shared it mistreatment the Kazaa peer-to-peer file-sharing network.

Within the period it had been downloaded many million times. Since then it's been downloaded over 900 million times, creating it the foremost common microorganism videos. In July 2003, his oldsters filed a $250,000 case against four of his fellow students World Health Organization settled out of court.

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