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Successful and unsuccessful Moon crossing's on this year

Two countries that attempted the lunar eclipse in 2019 failed. Israel made the first trip to the Moon in April this year, but their efforts failed due to a technical failure to land on the moon.

The Indian government will launch a lunar mission in July, which will also land on the Moon. As a result, India, which was destined to become the fourth lunar moon in the world, lost its opportunity.

The first lunar eclipse of 2019 is successful

Chang E-4 (

China will send a plane to the moon for the first time this year. They successfully land on the moon. The Chang E-4 will land on the moon on January 3 with equipment needed to analyze the geological features of the surface.

So it is China that successfully landed the moon after Russia and the United States. It is also the first spacecraft to land on the surface of the Moon, opposite the Earth.

It is through this project that the first plants germinate on the Moon. The aircraft will be carrying soil samples containing cotton and potato seeds as well as yeast and ghee eggs. The Chinese claim that their cotton seed germinated on the moon, and within two days they claim that the cottonseed is dead.

China will orbit the Moon in 2007 and 2010, respectively, and then in 2013, the Chang E3 will successfully land on the nearest part of the lunar surface. After the successful Chang O4 mission, its aim is to launch the Chang O5 in 2019.

The first moon mission to use personal money

Beresheet (

The spacecraft was sent to the moon last April, with the aim of conducting further research to capture images of the moon. The specialty of this moon is the spacecraft's first moon mission to launch with private funds. Launched by an Israeli company, the plane was named Beresheet, which was damaged by a technical error while trying to land on the moon.

Israel's relationship with the Israeli control center remained intact until it landed on the moon, and Israel later claimed that the plane was completely destroyed as a result of a high-speed aircraft landing on the moon. It was reported to have collided with the moon at speeds of about 500 kilometers per hour.

Israeli engineers at Yehud's Space Control Center in Israel took control of the plane, and Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu joins them as they prepare to land on the moon.

The failed project cost over the US $ 100 million. Scientists say Israeli billionaire businessmen have been aided by this, and that the mission was unsuccessful, and that they would try again.

Failed Indian Moon Rise - Chandrayaan 2

Chandrayaan 2 (

You are well aware that India, which has a reputation as a space superpower, also failed in the moon's mission last month.

India, which launches its lunar mission on July 22, is attempting to land on the moon's unexplored south pole. The plane successfully enters the moon's orbit. But shortly before the lunar surface landed, unfortunately, the relationship between the spacecraft and the Indian Space Research Center was broken.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also visit the Indian Space Research Center to monitor the flight's landing. However, after the operation's scientists told the prime minister that their efforts had failed, the news of how the prime minister relieved the scientists was spreading throughout the world. Modi says he appreciates the effort and that this is a huge leap for the Indians.

Launched in 2008, India's first moon mission, Chandrayaan 1, failed to land on the Moon, and in 2019, their Moon 2 mission would fail. India, which has initiated space research at the most elementary level, has also established the "Indian Space Research Center" and is confident that it will be a giant in space research in Asia and will successfully cross the moon in the near future.

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