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Real Pad Man in India

Held in 1962 in the rural town of Coimbatore in India, his father was a textile worker. Mother, housewife. The household, which consisted of three sisters, was battered by poverty only after the death of their father. Arunachalam saw his mother working as a farm laborer and working hard to feed her kids and quit school at the age of 14 to support her mother.

Her mother and sisters look after Arunachalam, who is a farmer, mechanic, and a welder.

The data in the article reveal much in the movie Pad Man. Hence if you want to watch this movie, you better read the movie. In this article you will discover answers to many things that are not your curiosity.

Arunalachalam's life revolves around his wedding in 1998. One day he discovers his wife holding a piece of dirty cloth. After calling for her, he learns that it is used during menstruation. Arunachalam, who enjoys his wife as a husband, goes to the pharmacy. That is for his wife to buy a sanitary towel.

He picked up a surprise response from the shopkeeper. He closed two or three newspapers with a branded item so that no one could see under the table. When he purchased it and gave it to his wife, she looked at the price. She stated at once that she would hand it over again and ask for money. Because if they buy it, they won't have to purchase their daily milk and their sisters will double the cost when they buy it.

With the refusal to accept the yield from the pharmacy, he thinks he has what it takes to provide so much value. At first glance he looked only a few pennies worth noting why he thought that I could make my own sanitary napkins at an affordable price. Then he starts making sanitary napkins for his wife with his own hand.

At first, his wife does not wish it. She constantly told him not to touch it because this is a woman's issue. But she agreed to test her husband's words and later refused to cooperate with the continuing failure. Arunachalam gets his next support from his sisters. But even then, he failed to get successful responses, yet though he later sought help from medical students.

And then the ultimate solution was to check the bed for your own sanitary towels.

Then he fills the animal's blood with a ball of the balloon, puts it through a tube, puts sanitary napkins next to his pants, and then runs his blood test. His workplace inspections also caught the attention of a man who smelled odors. He was also rumored to be a blood sucking vampire. He leaves his wife and his mother shortly after 18 months to start investigations. The lonely villager ties him to a tree and tries to cure him. He gets away with the promise of leaving the village.

Arunachalam, who has remained steadfast despite his challenges, later learns that sanitary napkins are made of cellulose. Since he had no knowledge of the English language at the time, he had taken the raw material from a foreign institution through a university professor. It took him 2 years and 3 months to learn.

The next problem was that the sanitary towel was worth billions. You can't even buy a machine like that. So Arunachalam spent the next 4 years doing this. His technical knowledge was very useful here. He invented a machine that cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

An IIT Madras professor who discovered the first model presented it at the National Innovation Award Competition in 2006. He gained first place out of 943 competitors.

His wife reunites with him to bring Arunachal back to animation. Later, Jaya Sri Industries will be demonstrated. He threw his machine only to poor Indian women. Because in India, many women use dirty towels, ash and soot instead of sanitary napkins during their period. Many women have to spend time away from family.

Thither are many myths in India are regarding this. Due to lack of knowledge, I do not want to let the cat out of the bag about this openly. He has also directed a program through social media to bring about an open mind.

“When people find something like this, how do they convert it into money? But I'm not functioning after the money. After money, life is empty. I don't always save the money in the back pocket in the back. ”

That is what he articulated in a later sermon.

So after Arunachalam, 250 machines will be circulated to the worst parts of India. This solved one of the biggest problems, many women faced, as well as supplying them with an income.

The car can also be imported into 106 countries such as Nigeria, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

President Pranab Mukherjee receives the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in India in 2016.

Amit Vermanigelalala made the short film Menstrual Man following his life in 2013 and was appointed one of the Time 100 Most Influential People in 2014.

In 2016, Twinkle Khanna unveils the book The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad. Based on that, Arunachalam's biopic will be released as PAD MAN 2018. It was conducted by R. Balki.

Akshay Kumar as Arunachalam, Radhka Apte as his wife and Sonam Kapoor as the fictitious character. The Arunachalam biography is a flick that has touched the hearts of many.

In the same year, the short film "The period end of the sentence" directed by Rayka Zehtabchi, produced by Netflix, won the Oscar for best short film of the twelvemonth.

At 14 years of age, he has been able to obtain employment in thousands of women. He is a guest lecturer at the Indian Institutes of Technology, Delhi, Bangalore, Bombay and Harvard.

His vision is to make India a 100% sanitary napkin.

In today's world where even social entrepreneurs are going after the money, Arunachalam is a good role model for everyone; Remembering that an entrepreneur should not be chasing money, he should always be the one who solves the problems of society and money is just another privilege.

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