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Seven major wins in the history of Premier League football in England

The 6th week of the England Premier League was run last weekend. Most of those matches focused on the match between Manchester City and Watford. Manchester City's record of 8-0 goals was one of the seven greatest victories recorded in tournament history.

Ipswich Town lost 9-0 to Manchester United

When Manchester United won the Champions League in the 1994/95 England Premier League, Ipswich Town was the last home to be. Still, the two teams played against Ipswich Town's Portman Road Stadium by a 3-2 win over Ipswich.

United defeated Ipswich 9-0 at Manchester United's Old Trafford Stadium. United, coached by Andrew Cole, who tallied five goals in the Premier League, the biggest win in English history. Leslie Hughes also scored two goals in the final.

Sheffield Wencesday lost to Newcastle United 8-0

Sheffield Winsdale won one of the last three places in the 1999/2000 England Premier League. Sheffield's poorly-contested Sheffield players defeated Newcastle United by 8-0 at St. James' Park.

Shearer scored five goals in a brilliant match for the victorious New Castle team. The triple goal, he achieved within 12 minutes was remarkable.

Wigan Athletic lost 9-1 to Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur and Wigan Athletic competed in the 2009/10 England Premier League, at Tottenham's White Hart Lane. Tottenham beat the hosts 9-1 in the final. Colin Defoe scored five goals, including a triple goal for Tottenham. Defoe's triple jump in 7 minutes is still the third fastest triple jump in history.

Wigan Athletic lost 8-0 to Chelsea

Chelsea and Wigan Athletic competed in the 2009/10 England Premier League, at Stamford Bridge. By the end of the first half, Chelsea were ahead 2-0. In the second half, Chelsea played a good game and eventually won the match 8-0. Didier Drogba, who played superbly for the winning Chelsea team, recorded a triple goal in 17 minutes. As a result, Wigan Athletic has suffered two serious losses in the same season.

Aston Villa lost 8–0 to Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the most successful teams in the history of the English Premier League when they compete against Aston Villa in the 2012/13 season at Stamford Bridge. From the very start, Chelsea defeated Aston Villa by an impressive 8-0 win. Ramirez scored two goals for Chelsea.

Sunderland lost 8-0 to Southampton

Southampton and Sunderland played in the 2013/14 England Premier League, at St Mary's Stadium in Southampton. Southampton were 2-0 up at the end of the first half. Much faster in the second half

Southampton won the match by 8-0. Two of their goals were recorded as mistakes made by the opposing players.

Watford lost 8–0 to Manchester City

Manchester City and Watford compete in the 2019/20 England Premier League at the City of Manchester Stadium.

Manchester City were in good form from the start and were able to take a 5-0 lead at the end of the 18th minute. After a successful start, Manchester City won the final by 8-0. Bernardo Silva recorded a triple goal for the victorious Manchester City team.

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