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Top 10 Most Haunted Places

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Everyone looks to grasp of a minimum of one haunted house; as children, there was virtually definitely one in our neighborhood. This list contains the foremost famed and most haunted places within the world. If you've got had any experiences of an analogous nature, be at liberty to inform America concerning it within the comments. I ought to add, before beginning, that I'm a skeptic; I even have written this list for amusement price.

10Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is supposed to be one among the foremost haunted spots in the European nation. And capital itself has been referred to as the foremost haunted town all told of Europe. On numerous occasions, guests to the castle have rumored a phantom piper, a headless percussionist, the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War and colonial prisoners from the yank Revolutionary War – even the ghost of a dog wandering within the grounds’ dog burial site.

09The White House, Washington DC

The home of the presidents of the US. President Harrison is claimed to be detected rummaging around within the attic of the White House, searching for the World Health Organization is aware of what. President's full general is believed to haunt his White House sleeping room. and also the ghost of initial girl Abigail Adams was seen floating through one among the White House hallways as if carrying one thing. the foremost ofttimes seeing presidential ghost has been that of lawyer. Eleanor Roosevelt once explicit she believed she felt the presence of Lincoln looking her as she worked within the Lincoln sleeping room. additionally, throughout the Roosevelt administration, a young clerk claimed to own seen the ghost of Lincoln sitting on a bed pull off his boots.

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08The Queen Mary, California

RMS Queen Mary is an Associate in Nursing liner that cruised the Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967 for Cunard Line (at that point Cunard White Star Line). The Queen Mary was purchased by the town of an urban center, CA in 1967 and reworked into an edifice. the foremost haunted space of the ship is that the room wherever a 17-year-old sailor was crushed to death attempting to flee a hearth. sound and banging on the pipes around the door are detected and recorded by various folks. In what's currently the front tablespace of the edifice, guests have seen the ghost of a “lady in white.” Ghosts of kids area unit the same to haunt the ship’s pool.

07Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, settled in the city, Kentucky, opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate forty to fifty TB patients. it's been popularized on tv as being one among the “most haunted” hospitals within the Japanese us and was seen on ABC/FOX Family Channel’s Scariest Places On Earth moreover as VH1’s Celebrity Paranormal Project. it had been additionally seen on the Sci-Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters. Ghost investigators World Health Organization have ventured into Waverly have rumored a number of strange paranormal phenomena, together with voices of unknown origin, isolated cold spots, and unexplained shadows. Screams are detected reverberant in its now-abandoned hallways, and momentary apparitions are encountered.

06The Tower of London

Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and fort The Tower of London, additional normally referred to as the Tower of London (and traditionally merely because the Tower), is Associate in Nursing historic monument in central London, European nation on the north bank of the river. maybe the foremost well-known apparitional resident of the Tower is that the spirit of Ann Boleyn, one among the wives of King of Great Britain, World Health Organization was additionally decapitated within the Tower in 1536. Her ghost has been noticed on several occasions, generally carrying her head, on Tower inexperienced and within the Tower Chapel Royal.

05Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Designed by John Haviland and opened in 1829, the Japanese State is taken into account to be the world’s initial true penitentiary. Its revolutionary system of captivity, dubbed the Pennsylvania System, originated and inspired solitary as a kind of rehabilitation. On June first, 2007 a TV program referred to as “Most Haunted” went live to the penitentiary. a part of the cluster visited the Al Capone's cell. 2 folks passed out whereas “investigating” the jail. One member of the team, Yvette, explicit  that “this is that the evilest place I even have ever been.” They claimed to own had contact with spirits however there was no arduous proof that their claims were legitimate.

04The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

The Myrtles Plantation was in-built 1796 by General David Pressman and referred to as Laurel Grove. Touted as “one of America’s most haunted homes”, the plantation is purportedly home of a minimum of twelve ghosts. it's typically rumored that ten murders occurred within the house, however, historical records solely indicate the murder of William Winter. presumably the foremost renowned of the Myrtles supposed ghosts, Chloe (sometimes Cleo) was reportedly a slave owned by Clark and Sara Woodruff. per one story, Clark Woodruff had pressured or forced Chloe into being his mistress. Chloe and Clark were caught by Sara Woodruff, and Chloe began to pay attention to keyholes, attempting to be told what would happen to her.

03Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England

Raynham Hall maybe a house in the metropolis, England. For three hundred years it's been the seat of the Townshend family. The hall gave its name to the realm, referred to as East Raynham, and is rumored to be haunted, providing the scene for presumably the foremost famed ghost photograph of all time, the famed Brown girl down the steps. However, the ghost has not been rumored since the photograph was taken. Its most famed resident was Charles Townshend, second Viscount Townshend (1674-1738), a frontrunner within the House of Lords.

02The Whaley House, California

Author American state Traci Regula relates her experiences with the house: “Over the years, whereas eating across the road at the recent city Mexican restaurant, I became acquainted with noticing that the shutters of the second-story windows [of the Whaley House] would generally open whereas we have a tendency to Ate dinner, long once the house was closed for the day. On a recent visit, I might feel the energy in many spots within the house, notably within the room, wherever I additionally smelled the faint scent of a smoke, purportedly Whaley’s calling-card. within the hall, I smelled a fragrance, ab initio attributing that to the miss acting as instructor, however some later surreptitious sniffing in her direction as I talked to her concerning the house disclosed her to be scent-free.”

01Borley Rectory, Essex, England

The haunting of the Borley parsonage throughout the Twenties and Nineteen Thirties, is without doubt one among the foremost famed in the UK, moreover as being one among the foremost polemic. The wealth of sightings and experiences by freelance witnesses, suggests that though abundant of the phenomena will be explained in rational terms, a proportion remains which may still be seen as deep at the present.

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