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Unofficial photos of Pixel 4 phones reach online

Google's Pixel series of telephones has become very popular worldwide. The camera system in this series has been enthralling. As you know, there is a great deal of talk in the tech world about the upcoming Pixel 4 phones.

It is common for a mobile phone to appear on the Internet before it is issued. In some examples, telephone companies are deliberately leaking the data to the Internet. It is aimed at advertising their phones.

Latterly, the Google Pro Android website added a promotional video, which is supposed to have been created by Google for the Pixel 4 phones.

The novel version of the upcoming Pixel 4 will feature an Astrophotography mood that lets you photograph the sky / stars, as well as advanced air gestures, and will only work with the Google Photos app using Google Assistant. It was previously mentioned here.

The Pixel mobile unlocking mechanism is based on Face Unlock technology, and Google claims to have inaugurated a more secure form of face unlocking using a number of advanced sensors from the iPhone X.

They also point out that the pictures or any pictorial information used to unlock the face is not taken out of the mobile phone. All processing is done on the mobile phone and no Google or other service can employ this data at any time.

In improver, the special technology involved is the ability to use hand signals using Soli chips created as a result of a project called Project Soli by Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team.

Google is hoping to make it more comfortable for users to skip a song, stop an alarm, or a silent call, reports Google.

Someone posted to a series of photos that could be looked at a complete Pixel 4 phone.

The official exit date of the Pixel 4 has not yet been announced, but many believe it will be in October. Nevertheless, there are many opinions on these images that have leaked to the internet. With just a single camera at the back, the Pixel phones are getting a lot of talk about changing it up and the look and feel of it. Don't forget to post your comments below.

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