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5 active volcanoes in the world

In some parts of the world, heavy lifting is very high. In some other areas, there are walls, but they are inactive. To enhance your readership, we wanted to bring you the information about the 5 most active yachts in the world today.

Eiafiaathlaiokul volcanoes - Iceland

Located in Cold Iceland, this yummy Caldera is covered with ice. It was 1,666 meters above sea level and was last erupted in 2010. Smoke spread to northern and western Europe, and short-term flights were disrupted by air travel in 20 countries.

Vesuvius volcanoes - Italy

Located about 9 km from Naples, Italy, the Vesuvius plant is also one of the most active in the world. There is a large crowd around. This is one of the most devastating events in the world. The last eruption was in 1944, and the most famous eruption was in 79 AD. The towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii were completely destroyed.

Merapi volcanoes - Indonesia

Merapi volcanoes are located on the border between Central Java and Indonesia. It is the most active plant in Indonesia and has been erupting almost since 1548. Many settlements around this Yamuna have spread.

Mount Nyiragongo - Republic of the Congo

It is an active volcanoes located in Virunga National Park, Congo. The gateway here is about 2 km in diameter and is almost always filled with lava. At its maximum capacity, Lake Lava is currently considered to be the world's largest capacity. This is responsible for many of the most devastating and talked about epic explosions in Africa.

Mauna Loa - Hawaii

It is one of the five largest hotels on the Hawaiian Islands and the largest in the world in terms of volume and area. The Hawaiian word 'Mauna Loa' literally means 'long mountain'. The thickness of the lava is relatively low and the eruptions are not destructive. Frequently emitted, the lava flows down the slopes and merges with the ocean.

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