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5 games to improve your programming skills

Once you've learned the basics of a computer programming language, we bring you websites and software to learn the next step: how to use the code best, how to use the context, and how to make a game. With these, you can easily develop your programming knowledge.


You may remember how the game was played with the arrow keys, various monsters, bombs, diamonds, and the highest score. The CodeCombat website now gives you the opportunity to learn your coding concepts while developing your game development and web development skills.

In the beginning, we are given the opportunity to choose a character we like and add costume accessories. Then you need to write code in Python, move it, and hit the target. Going forward, you will learn the requirements of code such as Parameter, Loops. You can play it without setting up an account.

Visit: CodeCombat


Robocode is a game that you can install and play on your computer as a software. It is possible to build battle tanks and build a war between them.

Once they are run, you can see how they shot automatically. Or you can build a tank with special abilities that you can control.

When downloading this, you will need to download and install the Java Runtime Environment as a .jar file. Once you have opened the Robocode Setup, you will be prompted to install in C: \ robocode. Downloading Robocode costs only 10 megabytes. You can learn how to write code from its Wiki site.

Download: Java Runtime Environment / Robocode


Codingame gives you the opportunity to play a space shooting game with a wide range of programming languages ​​such as C, C #, C ++, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Go, Swift. With the possibility of solving a single problem in different languages, it is possible to improve knowledge by identifying similarities between languages.

You can play here without creating an account. The first step is to write the code so that the attackers can get ahead of the attackers first. In the unlikely event that you see the Pseudocode or the answer, you will need to create an account.

Visit: Codingame

CSS Diner

HTML can't do without makeup. This site lets you learn all the CSS selectors in a very short time. Here's how to identify CSS selectors from a dishwasher on a table, and how to build HTML code.

There is no need to set up an account where you can learn CSS selectors by going up to 32 levels and learning CSS Selectors so much fun. CSS Diner leads you to become a CSS expert with Selector and a note on its usage, examples as well as Pro Tip. It is also possible to view the code of this website from GitHub.

Visit: CSS Diner

Elevator Saga

Would you like to move people with a lever or a lift or elevator with a code? With Elevator Saga you can solve a lot of leverage issues with JavaScript.

In the original problem, 15 people had to be moved in less than 60 seconds. The answer is simple. They've skipped the second floor. So elevator.goToFloor (2); When written, you can move the lever to all the layers. Click the Apply button after the code is started and the action starts. The + and - buttons on the top right can increase/decrease running time.

Visit: Elevator Saga

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