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587 plane crash that killed 265 people

The most secure means of transport in the world is the use of aircraft. This is because a plane crash is very rare. However, if an accident does occur, it can often be fatal to everyone traveling. Sometimes the plane crashes and kills several people.

In 2001 there was a serious plane crash in the United States. The plane, which was owned by American Airlines, crashed into a crowded area, killing not only all the passengers but also the lives of 5 people on the ground.

Before the accident

2001 was not a positive year for the United States. Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, especially on September 11 of that year, shook the world. By November of that year, the heat had not completely subsided.

John F. Kennedy Airport in New York has been busy all year. A large number of regular airplanes fly out of the airport, and a similar number arrives. Therefore, it is important to handle them carefully.

US Airways' 587 Airbus Airliner was scheduled to fly out of the airport on November 12, 2001. Its destination was Las Americas International Airport in the Dominican Republic. The flight included 251 passengers and nine crew members.

Two people were in charge of the flight. The 42-year-old Ed States was the captain of the plane, and the first officer was 34-year-old Sten Moline.

Flight 587 was scheduled to depart Kennedy Airport at 8 am. This was planned to reach Santo Domingo in Dominica in a short time. However, due to terrorist fears across the United States, all aircraft were recruited after a rigorous inspection.

As a result, many airlines had to delay their flight on time and flight number 587 became commonplace. It was 8.38 am when all the passengers were seated, and it was 9:00 am when it was decided that the plane was ready to fly.

Prior to this flight, the airplane was scheduled to fly from Tokyo's Narita Airport in Japan, a Boeing 747 aircraft belonging to the Japanese airline number 047. It flew at 9.11 am. However, flight number 587 was not allowed to fly until two or three minutes later. That is until the air in turbulence returned to normal.

As soon as a large airplane takes off, the surrounding air is in turmoil. This changes the direction and speed of the air currents. This will endanger the aircraft that follows and take a while for the air to return to normal. However, due to the delayed flight, the airport staff waited only two minutes.

At 9.13 am they were instructed to take flight 587 and were advised to be alert to the disturbed air from the Japanese aircraft. The flight started at 9.14 am. By now they were just 1 minute and 40 seconds behind Japanese aircraft.

A terrible accident

The 587 was very successful and smooth. Within just a few seconds, it reaches an altitude of 500 meters above sea level and rises to 1,300 feet in the next minute. At this point, the pilots attached to the airport's aircraft handling center were told that they were climbing to 5,000 feet and that the aircraft had to be elevated to maintain its stability.

They are advised to lift it up to 13,000 feet and maintain it at that altitude.

At approximately 9.16 am, the 587 crashes into a turbulent flow. It was the result of an air turbulent Japanese airplane that was already flying around.

This was somewhat expected, and the pilots of the fast-paced American fleet began to take control of the plane. However, the turbulence was more severe than expected, and suddenly the vertical stability part was paralyzed.

Suddenly, the pilot's cockpit alarm began to erupt. The plane was already stationed above Jamaica Bay. The vertical stability device, which was not stopped, crashed into Jamaica Bay.

With this, the plane lost control and turned its nose at once. The pilots couldn't control it. The plane started spinning, causing both engines to slip off. The plane was a full-blown fire, crashing into a densely populated area off the coast of New York.

The plane crashed into three houses. The crash killed 260 people and left 5 people dead. Another was seriously injured. The news was immediately received by the police and the airport, and although they arrived there as quickly as possible, there was nothing left.


Soon, research into the crash on Flight 587 began. These were spearheaded by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The wreckage of the plane was first identified, and further research was carried out. The black box of the plane was also found unharmed, and their data was useful for research.

It was revealed that the pilots, who were upset when the plane hit the air, were unnecessarily manipulating its radars. As a result, they have escaped from the plane under stress.

As a result of this accident and research, the makers of Airbus Aviation decided to make the radar stronger. Pilots have also begun training especially in handling emergencies.

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