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Amanda Married to a Ghost

Most people in the world meet their spouses in different ways. Some fall in love after years of marriage and others get married. Some people choose a peer as their partner, and some couples age for years. There are also tall black and white divisions.

Amanda Teague, a Northern Irish woman, has been chosen as her marriage partner in comparison to most of the world's marriage partners. That's because he is a 300-year-old 'ghost' named Jack.

Who's this Amanda Tig?

47-year-old Amanda Teague is a resident of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. She was an entertainer and often played the role of Jack Sparrow in the world-premiere film series Pirates of the Caribbean. As a result, she developed a strong bond with the pirates.

No one had ever noticed that her love for the pirates had something extraordinary or special because somebody just fell in love with the pirates. However, a few years ago she told the world that she was really in love with the ghost of a dead pirate named Jack.

Upon its publication, some viewed it as a 'joke', while others believed that she was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. However, despite these challenges, Amanda continued to tell the world that for many years, he was not only dating, but also traveling, sharing gifts, and even having sex.

How Amanda met Jack

According to Amanda, she is fed up with all the people in the normal world. It is because she has been subjected to several deceptions. In desperation, one day in 2014, a 'ghost' of 18th-century pirate Jack has emerged from her bedside. And then they have some sort of communication and Amanda and Jack fall in love.

Shortly after the romance began, she managed to find a marriage registry officer to perform their wedding. Then, in 2016, they were "legally married" in a boat to the international seas.

More info on Jack

Amanda did not hesitate to ask Jack for any further information. On such occasions, she says, he came with his own hand. She also says that because many people have a low level of understanding of 'spiritual bonds', there are many other things that cannot be explained. When someone was asked how to talk and perform sexual acts, she said that they would do so using a purely "spiritual" medium.

According to Amanda, this demon is almost always sitting next to her while watching television. And while the car is still running, he has built up a variety of 'conversations'. After getting to know each other, both have decided to enter into a marriage.

Furthermore, when someone ridicules the fact that she likes Jack Sparrow because she imagines him as such, she says that Jack's style is different. She also claims that she is darker than Johnny Depp, who plays Jack Sparrow. She claimed that during his sexual intercourse, he was spiritually attaining his own piety.

The wedding

In France, Singapore, and China, a person can marry a person who has died of his or her choice. However, in Great Britain, a dead person cannot be legally married. So Amanda decided to take her and Jack's wedding to the international seaside.

At a boat wedding, Jack was replaced by a human skull flag, and the ring was worn with a candle.

After her marriage, Amanda returned to Northern Ireland, and after that, she had to sign off as 'married' whenever she signed documents. However, the authorities did not object to it.


Amanda had recently decided to divorce him after two years of family meals with Jack. She claimed that he was a little violent after his marriage and even tried to kill her. She is now separated from her marriage and is now free.

Many experts who comment on Amanda's unusual behavior say that Amanda has a severe mental disorder. Or that he is trying to get too much social attention. But no one has been able to prove that she is mentally ill. Whatever the case, her 'ghostly' marriage caused a stir in the world.

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