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Dorothea Puente is the owner of the death-defying house

The elderly Dorothea Puente had the appearance of a very kind and calm grandmother. She ran a business of renting rooms for sick and tired people, and it seemed she was doing more for good than money. However, it was only later that the devil was hidden from her.

Her childhood

Dorothea Puente was born on January 9, 1929, in Redlands, California, USA. At a very early age, troubles in her life began to flow. Both parents died before the Ten Poison was in place and she had to live in a children's home. At 16, she has her first marriage. 

It was with a military officer named Fred McFall. By this marriage, she has two daughters. She leaves one of her daughters to Sacramento and gives it to a couple to raise the other daughter. She became pregnant again in 1948, but this time her baby was destroyed. Her husband is leaving her.

Dorothea's second marriage lasted 14 years. However, it was a very painful and painful experience. After that, she was married in 1966 to their third marriage. It's Robert Puente, who's a few years younger than her. Then she started using his surname.

Lawlessness in the early days

From an early age, Dorothea committed some illegal activity and was thus punished by law. In the 1950s, she was sentenced to one year of probation for the use of checks and was released after six months. In 1960, she returned to police custody. This time she was accused of running a brothel. As a result, she was jailed for 90 days.

After she was released from prison a second time, she worked as a nurse's aide in nursing the elderly. She then joined the rental business.

In 1968, she broke off her fourth marriage. She then purchased a 16-room, rented apartment in Sacramento, California. When she was released from prison, she was forbidden from renting rooms to the law, but she forgot to rent them to the elderly and the sick.

The horror of the rental house

Dorothea quickly became a celebrity in California. It is as a public servant. She has been successful in rehabilitating people in her home, especially those who are addicted to alcohol and other drug addictions.

Among those whom she sheltered and 'cured' were the mentally ill and the violent. The majority were between the ages of 52 and 80 years. There were occasions when she provided them with the necessary financial support.

Dorothea really did the other thing, even though she looked like the world. On the one hand, she collected the medicines issued by the doctors on behalf of the mentally ill, and on the other collected the checks with the government.

The patients were then given supernatants to kill the patients. The checks were then converted into cash. There were over 60 checks that Dorothea made in this manner.

Many of the men who were murdered by Dorothea were either left alone or neglected by their families. So there was no one to investigate their disappearances.

Authorities first became suspicious of Dorothea's rented apartment in 1988, when her husband, Alberto Montoya, suddenly disappeared.

He was disabled and mentally weak. A social worker with him and a social worker began searching for his friend, and he discovers that Dorothea's apartment was unlicensed. He informs the police immediately and an investigation is underway.

When questioned by authorities, she tells them that Alberto has gone on vacation. However, a plot of land that had recently been 'dug up' in her garden came to their attention, and Dorothy was willing to dig it up, with no objection.

Therefore, the authorities do not make her suspicious. In the meantime, she begs him to go away for a 'cup of coffee'. She gets that permission.

Dorothea escapes from her rented apartment and immediately leaves for Los Angeles. Meanwhile, 78-year-old Leona Carpenter's body was recovered by diggers. There are orders to arrest Dorothea immediately. However, by now she was far from Sacramento.

Police custody and prosecution

Dorothea Puente has been in the eye of the police for five days, hiding from them. In the meantime, she meets an elderly man at a bar in Los Angeles. When she tries to befriend him, he recognizes her because her image has been made public by the police. He will inform the police immediately.

In a short time, Dorothea is trapped by the police. She is immediately taken to Sacramento and charged with nine counts of murder. However, due to various reasons, it will take five years for her to be tried. She was 64 years old at the time.

Dorothea tried to convince herself at the trial that she was a very nice and innocent person who knew nothing. However, the glory of modern science and personal testimony revealed the murders she committed.

She had given patients sleep apnea, had them put to sleep, and then had their pillows choked with a pillow. The men were then hired, and they were buried in their backyard.

In 1993, she was sentenced to life in prison. Dorothy Puente, who was sentenced to life in prison on March 27, 2011, died of natural causes. She is now 82 years old.

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