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Hollywood's 'Super Lover' - Rudolf Valentino

Rudolf Valentino

In 1927, the first Kathanda film in Hollywood cinema with a history of over a hundred years was screened. However, the silent cinema that preceded it attracted audiences, and some of the actors and actresses who played them were highly acclaimed. Rudolph Valentino, who was hailed as 'Hollywood's greatest lover'

Early years

Rudolf Valentino was born on 6 May 1895 in Castellaneta, Italy. He had a big dream of becoming an actor from an early age. He also had a cute image of an actor. He also excelled in dance.

However, early in his life, he had to undergo severe hardships due to his father's death and his inability to attend school. He suffered unemployment as a teenager and eventually emigrated to the United States in 1913, seeking employment.

At the time, he never dreamed that the United States would make him the world's most popular Hollywood star.

Rudolf Valentino during his youth-
Valentino got a few small jobs in New York. However, none of that satisfied him. Eventually, he gets a job as a dancer in a nightclub. He would have chosen Clifton Webb, who would later come forward as an actor. His handsome appearance and innate dancing ability made this choice.

Rudolf Valentino took this job to a whole new level. His self-confidence increased, and his finances also improved slightly. Because of his performances, he was invited to a dance troupe that toured the United States.

He got involved. In Utah, however, the group is unexpectedly dispersed. Once again Valentino is helpless and eventually finds a job in San Francisco with his dancing skills. This is where Rudolf Valentino's Hollywood directors catch their eye.

As a Hollywood star

In Hollywood, Valentino first had minor roles. He was often cast as the companion of the wicked. He did not receive any public favor. In 1919 he is married to the actor Jean Acker. However, this marriage did not work out because Jeanne was the most attractive woman.

Valentino's fortunes began in the early 1920s. He comes to the attention of a screenwriter named June Mathis. He decided that Valentino would be better suited to the main character of the film The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921).

However, he had to work hard to get the producers to do so. Valentino was eventually selected for the film, and he managed to steal the audience's tango from the first scene. Overnight, Valentino became a star.

Poster for the film Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) -
Soon, Rudolph Valentino became a fan of Hollywood. In short, in his second film, The Sheikh (1921), he saw several women fall unconscious. After that, he began to see the rise of filmmaking, and his rise to fame in the 1922 film Blood and Sand.

Valentino, who divorced Acker in 1921, married Natasha Rambova in 1922. However, he had not yet completed the legal process of divorce and had to pay a fine. Valentino's popularity grew. He also publishes a collection of poems, "Day Dreams".

Valentino's marriage to Natasha Rambova was not good. She had to control her husband very hard. She was particularly influenced by her choice of characters and was only allowed to play a certain amount of "femininity" in which his personality was less visible.

This was a major blow to Valentino's film career, and audiences and critics began to criticize him. He has finally decided to say goodbye to that marriage soon.

After their second marriage, Valentino returns to acting. He plays the role of a Russian soldier in the film The Eagle (1925). In 1926 he appears in his last film. It was in the movie The Sun of Sheikh.

Premature death

Despite his popularity, Rudolf Valentino received little positive reviews from critics. They attacked him, especially highlighting his style, personal life, and acting flaws. One reason was that he was an Italian immigrant.

Some refused to give him character, saying that his appearance was too foreign to be given to American characters. He occasionally got involved with newspaper writers and was thus discredited.

Valentino is seriously ill on the way to a promotion for The Sun of the Sheik. He was immediately rushed to the New York Hospital and underwent surgery on August 15, 1926. It was caused by inflammatory bowel disease and injuries to the hand.

However, it fails and Valentino's health deteriorates. His fans gathered around the hospital where he was admitted. Finally, on August 23, 1926, a week after his hospitalization, he died forever. He was 31 years old.

Rudolph Valentino's
Valentino's sudden death caused much trouble and sadness for his fans. One said that he was nicknamed 'super lover' and died of poisoning by a jealous husband.

Rudolph Valentino was not a brilliant performer. However, because of his attractive looks and dancing skills, he became very popular. Critics say that his untimely demise has increased his popularity by two to three times.

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