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Is smart glass technology just a dream?

With the introduction of the smartphone, it has become much easier for people to do their daily activities. Nowadays we have a smartphone because of its location, weight loss and a lot of work. Smart glass concepts are designed to make work even easier.

The simple purpose of the smart glass concept is to use the same concepts and technologies like VR and AR, instead of a traditional smartphone, instead of a hand-held mirror.

The glass detects these commands through your eye movements. You may have seen this technique in science fiction. Today, these concepts are not limited to films, but similar technologies are being used in the real world.

Living in the world of technology, many people who struggle with technology have dreamed of turning their mobile phones into the smart glass. We have seen a lot of people who dislike this idea. For example, you may remember the talk about Google Glass.

Today, Google Glass, as many people think, is a failed, abandoned company. But Google hasn't given up on research on Google Glass. Alphabet, known as Google's parent company, revived the Google lens project earlier this year.

Now it's not just an experimental device. It is also learned that Apple and Apple are considering making AR glasses. And millions of dollars are being invested in such projects. But you have to wonder why these are not coming to the everyday lives of people by 2019.

The main reason for this is the limitations of technology. It will take a long time to bring the concept of smart glass to the level we see in science fiction. Another reason why these devices cannot be used by the general public is the high cost.

There are also practical drawbacks and drawbacks to wearing this type of glass. And when it comes to smart glasses, the majority agree that it harms people's privacy.

VR technology and HoloLens

VR technology, or Virtual Reality, is a technology that is common and heard by many of us living in this century. We hear this technical term through Judas Mandala, a science fiction novel by Damien Broderick (1982).

Holcroft's HoloLens components are a more advanced version of this technology concept.

Generally, through VR technology, you get the experience of sitting in a different environment through 3D screens. It is a technology that is widely used by many web and computer game developers today.

But HoloLens devices use completely different technology. It gives you the ability to create and interact with 3D images in real-time. Brazilian Alex Kipman, the creator of this technology, says that the technology that has only been found in science fiction films and stories so far has come true.

Mixed Reality is the name Microsoft provides to HoloLens technology that confronts the virtual world. This allows you to create and manipulate different objects in the same environment.

HoloLens uses special devices to do all of this. The sensors used in this tool make calculations and detect the environment of the user, his movements and his movements. The device, which includes four light sources and special laser technology, the Depth Camera.

It also processes the data in several terra bytes to create objects for the user. For that purpose, they have included a special chip called HPU. It also comes with a dedicated speaker system.

A special feature of this device is the glass bar used as the display plane. Normally, the human eye cannot see something close to the eye. Therefore, it is not sufficient for this device to simply perform projections to the screen.

However, the special techniques they use to create the human eye in the normal course of the day are created by light rays within the eye. This technology enables the user to create and use what they want within the real outside world.

Use for military purposes

Even before the use of this technology, there were special programs to train American soldiers using VR / AR technologies. However, this new technology has the potential to do so more effectively.

Also, military-grade HoloLens designed for military purposes are different from the usual ones. They say that in the next few years, the US military will provide about 2,500 specialized equipment, which includes the exterior as well as special thermal sensors and night vision facilities.

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