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Isn't it safe to use Bluetooth anymore?

Bluetooth is one of the most important features for the majority of users in the world. But recently it was revealed that using Bluetooth is no longer safe for your phone. This article presents you with information about this situation as well as Bluetooth history.

History of dates

Jaap Haartsen is the founder of this technology. He worked for Ericsson in the 90s. The discovery that the UHF radio wave can transfer data between two devices has revolutionized the technology world.

Early names such as MC or Multi Communicator links were used, but later the name Bluetooth was used in the context of a historical event. In honor of a tenth-century king named Harald Bluetooth. The Bluetooth logo has been created by combining two letters (ᚼ, Hagall) and (ᛒ, Bjarkan) in the Runic alphabet.


A weakness in Bluetooth support was recently discovered. When two devices connect using Bluetooth technology, an outsider can use this vulnerability to access and control the data on the respective devices.

When connecting two devices using Bluetooth, encryption keys are used to secure the connection. However, this weakness enables you to replace a key with a different key. This type of attack is called the Key Negotiation of Bluetooth (KNOB).

However, even if the device is not hacked at the same time, a brute-force attack allows the hacker to gain control of the device more easily. It is also said that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (the creator of the standards for Bluetooth technology) is unable to fix it.

However, Microsoft has already released security updates for Windows, Cisco to IP Phones and Webex, Google to Android, Apple to macOS, iOS and watchOS, and Blackberry to their phones. To get rid of this vulnerability, you need to upgrade your computer or mobile phone to the latest version of the operating system.

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