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The Assassination of Kitty Jenowicz, Who Gave Birth to 911

The assassination of Kitty Genovese is one of the most famous of the 20th century US massacres. Neighbors' behavior, in particular, was a hotly debated issue.

The murder case

In 1964 there was a story that was frequently talked about by the American media. A young woman was brutally murdered in front of her home in New York.

On March 13, 1964, a 28-year-old woman named Kitty Genovese was murdered. She looked very pleasant and communicated well with many people. She was also a responsible and watchful person who could take care of herself. However, at about 3.15 am the murderer who came to her house had nothing to do with it.

Kitty Jenowicz shared a home with another friend in a busy suburb of New York. She lived there for many years and had a good relationship with her neighbors. Despite the situation, none of them came to her rescue, surrounded by many who heard her screams.

Many newspapers reported: At about 2.30 am on the day of the assassination, Genovese left his bar to go home. Her home in Kew Gardens, New York, was only a few miles from where she worked. She always used her car for this trip.

As Janowice begins to drive her car, she starts chasing another car out of a nearby parking lot. It comes right behind her and her back. At about 3.15 am, Genovese stopped her car in the parking lot near her house, then got out and made her way to her home.

The pursuit of her was Winston Moseley, a married father of three. He had never committed any crime before. As Genovese gets out of the car, he pulls out his car and pulls out a knife.

He then approaches her slowly, lifting the knife and slapping her twice. She collapses, screaming, with the sudden pain of a stabbing blow behind her. This is well-known to a few neighboring houses, but only Robert Moser identifies it as a cry for help.

Coming out of the house, he saw the incident, but did nothing more than ask Mosley to 'leave the woman'. Then he too turns around.

After stabbing, Mosley gets up in his car and runs off. This is also seen by several neighbors. But no one comes out of their homes. Jවීnovස්s, with great difficulty, is dragging himself to the floor of his home.

A few minutes later, Mosley returns from his car to find Genovese. He sees her halfway down the street, gets out of the car again, stabs her several times, sexually abuses her, and flees, robbing her of her money and grievous jewelry.

An ambulance receives an anonymous call about Janowice's condition at about 4am. She was pronounced dead around 4.15 am and was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Later newspapers

Some of her neighbors had seen the stab wounds to Genovese, but it was no surprise that ambulances and police were called at about 4am. According to subsequent press reports, some of the neighbors have reportedly tried to contact the police at the time of the stabbing, but the police did not prioritize their calls. Others said they did not, thinking other neighbors would call the police.

Neighbors and strange behavior by the neighbors made it difficult to find out about the killer. Fortunately for the police, however, six days later, Mosley falls under the guise of theft and vomits about Genovese's murder. Asked why she was murdered, he said he had a "normal desire" to kill a woman.

Mosley was later sentenced to life in prison. He is dying in prison in 2016.

What did the neighbors do?

The killing of Kitty Genovese, on March 13, was published in the New York Times, two weeks after it was first reported in the newspaper as a "normal" homicide.

They had alleged that 37 people had witnessed the Genovese assassination and that the action had been taken as 'reckless'. With the news of the incident spreading throughout the United States, the news spread like wildfire.

Some of those who studied the assassination of Kiri Janowicz said that the tumultuous and tiring American city life had made the people a very selfish and framed community. They said that if they do not realize this and change it soon, it will be a serious problem in the future.

Psychologists decide to study the behavior of neighbors in the assassination of Kitty Janowicz in the same environment. Accordingly, research has been carried out on the psychological linkages between the nature of the community and the 'openness' of the instant action, such as murder.

According to research conducted by Kitty Genovese, various hypotheses have been developed, and many companies, schools, and organizations are still training them on how to respond to events they see as neighbors, peers or strangers.

Because of this, the assassination of Genovese became so famous that it was taught and produced by many books and television programs. The incident also contributed to the establishment of the 911 Emergency Call Service in the United States.

After Mosley died in 2016, there was a bit of a backlash over this incident. In an article, the New York Times stated that the writer had exaggerated the details of her neighbors' assassination of Katie Genovese in her paper 52 years ago.

They said that the killings were in fact "very few" than 37. They don't see much of it. However, the article did not diminish the popularity of the assassination of Kitty Janowes or the theories that were developed.

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