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Top 5 largest palaces in the world

The oldest palaces that are still in existence today can be found in almost any country. Many of these are beautiful, complex, and massive. Here is the information on the biggest 5 of them.

Onelsalsburg Palace - 54,523 square meters

Salzberg Palace is located in Salzburg, Austria. It is one of the largest and best-preserved palaces in Europe. It was built in 1077 AD and has been enlarged to the present size between 1495 and 1519 AD.

Windsor Palace - 54,835 square meters

Windsor Palace is considered to be the world's largest inhabited palace. It is also the largest palace in England. Windsor is a palace belonging to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prague Palace - 66,761 square meters

Located in Prague, Czech Republic, Prague is considered one of the world's largest palaces. The preliminary work was done as far back as the 9th century AD. Until the 18th century, there were enlargements. There are several famous places like St. Waitress's Church and St. George's Basilica.

Meherangarh Fort - 81,227 square meters

Located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, it is officially called a fortress but also a palace. It is located on a 122 m high mountain. The walls are 36 meters high and 21 meters wide. You have to go through seven chests to enter this. The Meherangarh Fort was built by Rajput Raja Jodha in the year 1459. It was enlarged to the present position in the 17th century.

Malbok Palace - 143,591 square meters

Located in Malbork, Poland, the Palace is considered to be the world's largest palace. Built-in 1274 by the Teutonic Knights, it is used as a headquarters for the prevention of hostilities and for the control of the North Baltic. It was enlarged several times until the year 1466 and brought to its present level.

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