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Why do electrical spikes occur when placing metals in a microwave oven?

If you have experience in the microwave with no sound left and no sound, you may be intrigued by the scientific background of a sleeping spoon in the morning.

You have experienced that spoons, forks, and even aluminum foil leaves make a sparkle in the microwave, but that doesn't always happen.

This phenomenon is caused by electron distribution in cylindrical metals (especially forks). Metal reflects light by shining and reflecting light but also acts as a reflection in external magnetic fields such as an oven. We will look into this further.

The cause of sparrows

Electromagnetic waves emitted in a microwave oven cannot penetrate metals. Instead, it creates electric currents on the metal surface. When a metal is bent, its magnetic fields are concentrated so that the sharpness increases and the electromagnetic fields become more compact.

The edges of a fork or aluminum foil are so sharp that the fields are so concentrated that they are strong enough to remove electrons from the air molecules. This ionization of the air is the electrical spark you see in the oven. Can you imagine how this effect contributed to the creation of lightning conductors?

Microwave ovens are an intense magnetic field. This creates an electric current in everything that is placed in the oven cavity. Due to this electrical resistance, the holdings begin to heat up. Because of the low current of the insulators (high resistance), we can provide them with enough heat to cook.

Since the metals are highly conductive, the electromagnetic field creates a very high current on them. Therefore, be very careful when placing metal materials in such a way that they will explode, damage the oven surfaces, and affect the microprocessor.

Is the microwave oven-safe?

Whether these are good for our health as a wave of impact is often a question. Understanding how microwave ovens work can help to answer this common question.

Microwave ovens cook very similar to radio waves but use short energy waves. These waves operate selectively (on selected molecules), primarily affecting water and other electrically asymmetric (positively charged at one end and negatively charged at the other) molecules. These molecules vibrate and generate heat energy in a short period of time through a microwave.

We are surrounded by electromagnetic waves. WiFi waves, 3G, 4G and now 5G waves are so common around us that even the light waves we see are electromagnetic waves, so you don't have to fear every wave. As long as the ionization capability is low, those waves do not harm us.

Microwave ovens have a metal casing around them which prevents radiation from escaping. Also, make sure your microwave oven is in good condition. It is worth thinking about renovating or buying a new one if the old or the door does not close properly.

Food hygiene and nutrition

Every cooking technique reduces the nutritional value of the food. The main reasons are temperature, cooking time and cooking method. Water can dissolve soluble nutrients in water during boiling. But the cooking times of the microwave ovens are usually shorter and the temperature is lower.

For this reason, research shows that microwave ovens retain more nutrients than frying or boiling. Another research suggests that it may be better at preserving the antioxidants of foods than pressure cookers. It has also been shown that microwaving breast milk reduces its antibacterial activity.

The answer is proper cooking in a proper bowl

One of the best ways to retain nutrients is to cook quickly, heat the food for a short time, and use as much liquid as possible. Microwave ovens meet that criteria.

Using a microwave oven with a small amount of water can steam the food. It preserves vitamins and minerals better than any other cooking method, and microwaved foods appear to be really healthy.

Is the microwave oven good or bad? The microwave is a miracle of engineering. It helps us to prepare foods that are nutritious and easy. Therefore, you can have a safe and easy meal by using proper cooking methods without using spiked metal utensils or pots, spills or harmful plastics.

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