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10 real cars seen in the Tintin books

As a cartoon, and as a cartoon, the TinTin series, which fascinated all of us, is a mix of horror, intrigue, and horror. As well as Tintin, Haddock, Calculus and the ability to talk in art, Snowy nurtured our children's minds on the culture and space of many countries. Not just the talk, but the theme song makes you cry! Please read it before you start reading.

There is something hidden in the Tintin stories. That is, most of the used cars, buses, fire trucks, and airplanes are simply not imaginary. Let's look at some of the cars that look like that.

10. ZIL 114, Russian made by Tapioca

He is arrested by Bianca Castafuri, claiming that General Tapioca of Tapiocaapolis has files relating to a plan to oust him, and alleges that Tintin, Calculus, and Captain Haddock were involved in the television.

Tintin doesn't care that he is a fascist but warns that Haddock, who is out of control, as usual, will not go there. But Calculus, hearing deaf ears, thinks that the captain is going to go there! The Captain and the Calculus came to the scene, eventually.

When Haddock wants to buy tobacco, he uses a police force to do so. On that trip, he chose the ZIL 114.

In the book Tintin and Picaros, written in the 1970s during the height of the Cold War between the United States and Russia, it was no accident that a Russian car was used for a villain.

This work, invented by the Russian institute Zovod Imeni Likhachova (ZIL) from 1968 to 1977, was used by government officials. It was equipped with air-conditioning, power steering, electric doors and door panels, and armor. The interior was made up of leather and wooden plates, and some were used for political reasons, such as a roof that could be saluted during military parades.

All four wheels of the ZIL 114 were about six meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.5 meters high, and had to be operated with a brake. The Guinness Book of Records named it the toughest and widest car in 1971, 1974, 1975 and 1976.

09. Ford Model T

Looking for a companion and car to ride in Congo, Tin Tint meets a young man and a Ford Model T car. As he was crossing a railroad track, the vehicle was resting on the railroad tracks. A train arrives, with the wheels rolling freely and the vehicle is stuck. Tintin fears it is the end of life, but the train turns into a wreck! Finally, the train with the canned passengers was towed to the next stop with the help of their Ford Model T.

Built from 1908 to 1927, the car was equipped with a 20-horsepower, two-speed gearbox that could be easily replaced with engine cylinders. There was a 10-gallon oil tank under the front seat that could be run on petrol, kerosene or ethanol. From there, the engine was fueled by the force of gravity.

Hr The 72-speed Ford Model T had accelerator steering and no clutch pedal. The reverse gear was stronger than the front gear, so it was easier to backtrack on difficult climbs.

08. La Salle 350 Limousine 1934

To the Tintin talk, the single, outstanding, female protagonist, who can sing with a loud (and no captain) voice, is introduced in the otaku king's scepter. In the story, Tintin, who is on a plane with the Alabama professor (actually, with his twin brother), is thrown down in the capital city of Sylvania, Clow. Even when he escapes and goes to the police, the captain of the Viscounts gives the tip to the thieves. While escaping, fortunately, Tintin meets the La Salle 350 limousine.

The Cadillac, a luxury vehicle from General Motors, an American automaker, is an aerodynamic and well-engineered vehicle. Built from 1927 to 1940, the eight-cylinder engine delivers 95 BHP (BHP-free horsepower) at 3,700 rpm. The three-speed gearbox has a rounded-out bonnet on either side of the engine. It testifies to the fact that this is the same vehicle as to the Tintin books. It was manufactured as a two-door coupe and convertible, as well as a 4-door sedan and limousine. Tin Tin is surprised to see that the bangs are not blowing up, as the glasses are so strong that the bass is singing in the car.

07. Jaguar Mark X

Two criminals abduct Tintin in a Ford Zephyr taxi to Easttown in search of a thoroughbred search on the Black Island.

Built from 1961 to 1970, these cars were as valuable as a Rolls-Royce. The cabin and dashboard are beautifully decorated with wood. Weighing in at 1900 kg, the car is powered by a 3,781 cc engine in six cylinders. It can generate 265 BHP of power at 5,500 rpm. It has a four-speed gearbox and a top speed of 1 km / h. It was able to reach speeds of 192-195. These cars, which were 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.3 meters high, were later made with air conditioning and sound resistant glass.

06. Graham Special Six 1935

When Tintin goes to America, Tintin is kidnapped as he rushes into Chicago full of villains and criminals. A group of criminals comes in a green Graham Special Six 1935 vehicle to take him under the guise of the police. This car was seen in the night sky as well as later in the night when the Tintin was dumped into the sea.

Designed by American Graham-Paige, this is a four-door and two-row car. In the story, you can see three rows of seats sitting. With a six-cylinder engine, 90 horsepower and hydraulic brakes, it was used for long-range racing. The bonnet opens by lifting two lids. The wheelbase is 120 inches.

05. Bugatti Type 37

When Tintin (and we) are happy to see that Tintin is going to America, the evil character Bobby Smiles, including the protagonist, has completely captivated the police, and Bobby escapes in a red Bugatti Type 37. Throughout the book, this car is the only one found in this box.

The Bugatti Type 37 is one of Bugatti's most successful racing cars, today the manufacturer of the fastest cars in the world, Veyron and Chiron. With 351 games and 47 records, the car became the 1926 Grand Prix World Champion.

The long bonnet is a special feature here, and the total length of the vehicle is 3.6 meters. As a racing car, it was 1.3 meters wide with only one person to drive. It had 6,000 rpm and 90 horsepower.

04. Hotchkiss Type V

In the story of The Broken Ear, a car tries to run away from Tintin in a road accident. He remembers someone standing beside his vehicle number, but instead of the Renault Celtaquatre that tried to hit him, he saw a two-year-old Hotchkiss Type V car.

Hotchkiss, a French company that makes even automatic firearms, is a company that has gradually transitioned from auto parts manufacturers to automakers. The rear seats are custom built to resemble the old chariots. The driver's seat has been exposed. The technology is developed by Hotchkiss. Built-in 1910, this car has a six-cylinder petrol engine. It is cooled by water. Hotchkiss Type V with a four-speed gearbox is capable of 40 - 50 BHP.

03. Lincoln Model L 1926

The Lincoln Model L has become a boxcar fitting the mystery of the road. Tintin enters a tomb with Dr. Sarcophagus and is caught by a criminal gang. Tintin survives and flies to India via the Middle East. There he is met with sarcophagus, but his consciousness deteriorates. Tintin used the Lincoln Model L to take him to a mental hospital.

It was the first car of the Lincoln Motor Company and later owned by the well-known Ford company. Built as a luxury vehicle from 1917 to 1930, it was sold in the United States, the Middle East, and China. It has 81 horsepower, a three-speed gearbox, and a top speed of 100km / h. It had a top speed of 112 mph.

02. Alfa Romeo P3

Alfa Romeo P3 Tintin, another vehicle to be seen in the Mystery of the Pharaohs, is driving this to catch the kidnappers of the crown prince of Gyapajama. Tintin is chasing after a crown prince, who is abducting the crown prince with another, while pursuing a magic cord, chasing after an archer who fired chemical weapons and lured the police to a secret room inside a coconut tree. Tintin got off to such a fast start that Thompson, who was in the back seat, got out of the vehicle!

Alfa Romeo Cars, a product of the Italian Fiat Group, kicked off the Ferrari car we see today and the horse with its logo. The P3 was made specifically for the 1932 Grand Prix by Vittorio Jano, a company specializing in car racing. It won five preliminary matches. It has a 2654 cc engine with an eight-cylinder engine that produces 215 horsepower. Four-speed gearbox It was able to reach a top speed of 224 mph. Made specifically for racing, it consisted of a single seat (it's not a coincidence that Thompson, who just sat down, fell). Weight of the car 700 and was produced until 1935.

01. Mercedes Benz 220

The fact that the real cars were deliberately used in the Tintin series is a well-known fact in the story of the Tintin teleportation to Tibet. On his way to Nepal, Captain Haddock rides on a bull to find Tintin's allies. The bull starts to run across the road and you see a green Benz 220 car colliding in the road. The blue car here is an Austin Cambridge A50.

The Mercedes Benz 220 has been released in a number of models and features the W187 luxury car. The look of the Benz S170 was made in the aftermath of the Second World War, as it was saved from bombs. Six-cylinder 2,195 cc engine, four-speed gearbox, Benz 220 had a 135 speed, 70 BHP rating. Weight Kg 1,690, produced between 1951 and 1955.

What other types of cars did you identify in the Tintin series?

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