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Slovenia's National Heroes, FireFighter

Slovenia's National Heroes, FireFighter

Slovenia is a small republic belonging to the former Yugoslavia. It is a country of 20,273 square kilometers and has a population of just over 2 million.

It is stated that about 150,000 people in the country are volunteer firefighters.

That's a little over 7 percent of the country's population. Firefighters are the largest voluntary organization in Slovenia.

And the country's firefighters have a great report. There is nothing incorrect in saying that they are the heroes of the Slovenians.


The chronicle of the Slovenia Fire Service dates back some 140 years. The fire service began when Slovenia was part of the Austrian Empire. For this reason, the Slovenia Fire Service has similar characteristics to the Austrian Fire Service.

On that point is an official fire service in Slovenia. Some time ago, official fire services were organized under 34 fire departments. Baker's dozen of them were located in major cities, while the rest were located in major cities and airports.

There are approximately one thousand firefighters in the entire official fire service.

From time to time, there have been political upheavals in Slovenia. The emergence of Yugoslavia after the First World War, the German invasion of 1940, it's becoming a piece of Communist Yugoslavia, and the establishment of an independent state after a brief war in 1991.

The fire service was in procedure during this entire period and served the public as needed.

Volunteer FireFighters.

Volunteer firemen are in addition to official firefighters. They are of all different occupations. In the case of a general fire or other major fire, major firefighters operate and volunteer firefighters were called in as needed.

In Slovenia, fires are not so frequent. Merely in the mountainous country of Slovenia, where water sources are abundant, floods and Snowshoeing crashes are the most common. In addition, there are other emergencies.

Opportunity for a firefighters match

Volunteer firefighters are summoned as needed. If they ask assistance, they are called by the local fire service. It happens through their mobile telephones.

Yet, volunteer firefighters are also trained as regular firefighters. They are also qualified firefighters, not just citizens who call for assistance.

Volunteer firemen, on the other hand, are not in any way a threat or competition to official firefighters. They function as an auxiliary battalion for official firefighters.

With the people.

Volunteer firefighters don't get paid. And they are not a political system. They are known as a contributor to the security of the society in which they live. Firefighters are also actively involved in building cooperation with the people in their area.

Firefighters conduct local competitions, fire drills and more. They also work with minors in the area to raise awareness about safety from an early age.

In summation, "Firefighters' Day" is a special event held annually in almost every village in Slovenia. On that day, volunteer firefighters host a party for the villagers. It is a day of dancing, singing, and spending.

Prime Minister Marianne Scherich

The volunteer firefighters are funded by the people of this country. Thither is a very good bond between the people and the volunteer firefighters.

Several people work as volunteer firefighters. The current Prime Minister, Marianne Zarech, has also assisted as a volunteer firefighter for some time.

New conditions.

One of the challenges facing Slovenia recently was the migration issue. This has become a severe problem, especially with the arrival of migrants from the Balkans. It was not easy for Slovenia, a little country with a small army.

Most of the study was done by firefighters at this time. They appeared after the basic needs of the migrants. They were also given guidance. Funds donated by the public were much used for this purpose.

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