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Web Tools for making free infographics

The best way to outline any information is to put it in a photo. Photos have a 39% higher success rate than a post on social media. Using software like Photoshop requires specialized knowledge to process this information graphically.

Also, when you have to work on a computer without Photoshop, the best way to make an infographic is to get the help of a web tool. Let's take a look at some of those free services.

01. Canva

You can store any number of creations
Canva can help you choose one of a large number of templates or customize them to fit your social networking site. Canvas is a popular service for easy designing and can be used as an Android and iOS app. Any number of settings can be stored in Canva's sign-up account and you can view them on your computer app from the phone.

You can find default information by registering here and searching for “infographic” in Template Search. You can add your photos for free, and if you choose some of the great photos from their great gallery, buy Pro Version.

Due to its extensive capabilities, it offers a wide range of features, such as a free everyday tool, a large number of text formats, icons and photos collections, Undo / Redo, Transparent, and plenty of creative storage.


02. Adobe Spark

Templates can be found by searching for “infographic”
Spark has the advantage of being a well-known tool, known as Adobe, with a very easy-to-use UI and simple but essential features.

After registering and selecting the layout of a new design, you will be able to select one of the many interesting templates or create a new one by searching "Infographic" from the Search bar at the top.

It comes with many features such as Align ability, Preset Designs for Typography, Lots of Fonts, Change Layouts whenever you want, Drag and Drop. One problem is that their logo appears as Adobe Spark at the bottom right. The first three creations allowed you to remove it, but you can't do it for free. You can also view the creations in the Adobe Spark Mobile App.


03. Visme

Lots of Templates to choose from
Visme offers a wide range of templates that are easy to understand, so you don't need to set everything up from scratch. But it does have all the amenities you can customize from scratch if needed.

With a huge collection of phones, buttons, icons, fonts, shapes, etc., you will find that the UI is very similar to the Canva service. With this Autosave feature, it is very easy to save automatically without having to worry about free design.

You can store up to 5 of your creations here and there are plenty of creations so you can create new ones by deleting a few unnecessary items after the 5 is full. One of the limiting factors in the free package is that you have to download 100MB capacity as JPG.


04. Venngage

Website interface
Venngage has a wide range of templates for infographics, so even if you have no designing skills, you can submit your data based on one of these. They are categorized under different topics, making it easier to choose the theme that best suits them.

Up to 5 creations are provided free of charge and the website logo is included in the design. There is also no free use of charts or icons. But the easy-to-use interface and the right colors and fonts make it easy to create an infographic.


05. Infogram

Ability to make charts

The Infogram website is one of the easiest tools to create Infographics with graph data. It helps you to create statistical data more easily than Photoshop or Word, to create bar charts, round graphs, etc. Once you have entered the required graph and double-clicked on it, you can open the Excel spreadsheet and all you need to do is enter the data.

The free Basic package includes more than 37 types of charts, and you can keep up to 10 creative accounts. You can also upload charts if you already have data. One of the problems here is that the photos can't be downloaded to the computer. Instead, you have to post it directly to Social Media.


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