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What is the number of Cores in a computer processor?

If you are buying computers or looking for a new processor to increase the speed of your existing computer, you may have come across a large number of Cores processors. Not only Dual-Core, Quad-Core, but also Octa-Core 8 or 16 processors that are available in the market.

1 - core = 1 - CPU

Intel's processors, Core i5 and i7 do not describe the Core. For example, the i5-8250U processor has only 4 Cores. Therefore, when buying a processor, it is important to look at the specs instead of the brands.

A processor is a single chip. It may have one, two (Dual), four (Quad) or eight (Quad). This core means a CPU. Usually, we call it processor CPU, but you may have noticed that modern processors have more CPU.

Because a single processor has more CPUs, it can be used to share the workload of a single processor than an older processor.

More Cores is more than just speed

As the size of the cores increases, there are other things besides speed.

More power

The more cores a processor has, the more power it needs. This can be a disadvantage for a laptop that relies on a battery since each core of the processor consumes power after the computer is turned on.

As chipmakers try to minimize this power usage, the operating system has the potential to increase battery life while reducing battery performance when using laptops.

More heat

Cores in the processor can be used simultaneously when running several software or using a single processor such as Editing, Game and more. As a result, the overall heat level of the processor increases.

If a laptop is heated, it can be difficult to hold it in the lap, causing the fan to overheat to prevent overheating.

The higher price?

As Cores grows, so does the cost of production, so does the sale price. So if you are thinking of a higher performance processor, you have to think about the pocket. But the price doesn't always change because of the number of Cores.

For example, the Intel Core i3-8100 processor has 4 Intel Core i5-3470 Cores. Now you would guess that the i5 will increase the price of the latter. But it is wrong. The first i3 processor cost Rs. 29,500, the same number of Cores and the i5, the second Rs. 18,000 only. (Available at

Other factors that affect the speed

As the core size of the processor increases, the software sharing between them and the software that is designed to work well with such processors can be optimized for maximum speed, but there are other factors that affect the speed of the processor.

Clock speed

Clock speed or clock rate is the number of cycles a microprocessor can execute per second. It shows the speed at which commands can be executed. This is expressed in Hz.

The higher the processor, the faster the processor. Multi-core GHz of several Cores indicates the speed of a single Core. That is, a Quad-Core processor can deliver twice the speed of a Dual-Core. But for a dual-core processor with higher clock speed; Quad-core processors with lower clock speeds may have higher speeds.

Software support

The best car in the world is at home but it doesn't make sense to drive or have a license or license. The same is true of processors and software. Even if your computer has a higher core processor, you won't get much faster if the software you're using doesn't make the best use of it.

While modern operating systems can distribute single-source software between Cores, multi-threaded software can work better with processors like these. The software works by distributing some of the commands you give to the Cores. Chrome is more versatile as a multi-process software because it uses a single processor iFrame on a website.

Do You Need More Core?

When choosing a CPU to increase the speed of your computer, the architecture of the CPU and all of the above can be affected. Also, the amount of RAM in a computer, the use of an SSD, etc. affect the speed of the system as a whole.

If you choose a PC for PC games, you need to determine if the computer game software can support a multi-core CPU. Those who do video/audio editing can benefit from multi-core support software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

It is best to focus on Clock Speed ​​and RAM as Photo Editing does not benefit from Photoshop.

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